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What is GAS2U?

GAS2U is a mobile application where you can order cooking gas through GAS2U application for ordering of cooking gas to your home.

Why use GAS2U?

GAS2U is the fastest cooking gas ordering channel as an alternative to the standard ordering via phone call and cost effective.

What mobile devices are compatible with the GAS2U app?

As long as you have either a Google Android, Apple iOS smartphone or tablet, then it is good to go!



Where do I download GAS2U app?

You can download the GAS2U application from App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.

How do I order cooking gas through GAS2U?

Step 1: Download GAS2U app from App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.
Step 2: Complete the required fields in GAS2U app for registration and sign in using your credentials.
Step 3: Set your delivery address for Gas PETRONAS delivery.
Step 4: Select product and confirm your order.
Step 5: Select Deliver Now or Deliver Later.
Step 6: Dealer will deliver the product to your home.

How do I sign-up for GAS2U application?

Complete the required fields and agree to the terms and conditions.

Where is this service available?

The new version of Gas2U currently only serves for major cities in Peninsula Malaysia (e.g. Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Ampang, Kajang, Bangi, Shah Alam etc.). We are in the midst of expanding it to other regions in Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia. Please continue to check GAS2U regularly for updates on new coverage areas.

What type of cooking gas could I purchase through this GAS2U?
There are four (4) types:-
i. LPG 12 kg cylinder
ii. LPG 14 kg cylinder
iii. LPG 12 kg cylinder with Cylinder Deposit
iv. LPG 14 kg cylinder with Cylinder Deposit
Note: LPG 50kg cylinder is not included in GAS2U service
How much is the price of cooking gas through GAS2U service?

Total price for Central Region:

  1. C12 – RM31.20/cylinder (incl. of RM8.40 delivery charges per cylinder)
  2. C14 – RM35.00/cylinder (incl. of RM8.40 delivery charges per cylinder)

Note: 1.8% transaction fee will be applied for online payment

Does GAS2U Delivery Agent accept other brand cylinder (apart from Gas PETRONAS)?

GAS2U delivery agent will only deliver Gas PETRONAS 14kg and 12kg, however the exchange of empty cylinders of all brands will be accepted.

What is the operation hour for GAS2U?

GAS2U app operates 24 hours a day throughout the week.
Order processing and delivery time will be from 8am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday).

How should I provide feedback or query on GAS2U?

You may call GAS2U Customer Service hotline at 03-4031 5454 or email to support@gas2u.com.my.

How should I provide feedback or query about LPG Product?

You may call PETRONAS Mesralink customer service center at 1-300-888-181.